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We can supply all kinds of flowers, plants and decorations. And whether you want a large volume under an annual agreement or a one-time special offer, we look together to work out the best way to deliver your order to you. Our inhouse production department works qualitatively and cost-efficiently, covering everything from bunches of single flowers to high-quality bouquets of up to 50 stems. And we guarantee our quality continuously through both internal and external quality controls.


We are a multilevel retail partner covering everything from discounter to flower shop chain. All our bouquets ship in a protective sleeve with a barcode label, day code and QR code.
Monolines: a basic bouquet, such as a bunch of 10 roses.
Monolines +: a basic bouquet with added extras.
Machine-produced bouquets: basic bouquets that are spiral bound in various sizes using a limited number of stems. We discuss your requirements and deliver customised solutions, up to an including bouquets that reflect the very latest trends.
Handmade bouquets: luxurious bouquets that are made by hand using a potentially unlimited number of stems. Available in both small and large production series.


​Our extensive flower assortment features higher quality stems than standard. These flowers not only provide the perfect basis for your bouquets, they are also beautiful on their own, with the addition of just a bit of greenery. We also deliver flowers in buckets for in-store sale.


Plants indoor and outdoor

Did you know we can also supply plants? We have a large assortment, so that whether you want a few individual plants or large volumes, we can deliver both. It is also possible to make long-term supply agreements with our growers. And because we follow the latest trends closely, we always have a suitable product and can offer an excellent spot-price deal.


Think here of decorative materials in the broadest sense, such as plant arrangements, vases and original gift packaging and wrapping. Being part of Floral Trade Group, we offer a complete solution comprising flowers, plants and decorations.

For flowers, plants and decorative materials.

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