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We care about a sustainable world and constantly strive to improve our processes, transport and packaging to reduce our carbon footprint. We go beyond the necessary sustainability certifications in pursuit of an even better world.


People are central to building and maintaining long-term relationships. This not only applies to the development and growth of our own employees, it also applies to our relationship with our customers as we work to make a success of your flower and plant displays, and to the working conditions experienced by our growers.


We strive for a partnership in which you and we make a success of the flower and plant category. Central to this is to have a sustainable revenue model for the entire chain, something we create by developing tailored offers and appropriate sales solutions. This leads to a better return for all parties involved.

Retail partner


Summaflor is your European partner for store flower and plant displays. Regional knowledge, innovative concepts, E-tail and full-service care of flowers, plants and decorations make Summaflor the complete business partner for every retail segment – from discounter to garden centre.

Completely worry-free

Our distinctive formulas and sustainable cooperation enable retailers to increase the return on their shelf space. We take care of sourcing, labelling and packaging. And we go further to eliminate every worry by offering category management and product design, too. Finally, we combine our high-quality and cost-efficient inhouse production with your advanced supply chain.

Brighten your world

Summaflor wants to brighten up the world by making flowers and plants more easily and more affordably available to everyone. There’s a reason why our mission is to ‘Brighten your world’.
We specialise in selling to large retail chains and optimising our enhanced services so we can serve you even better.

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Reliability is central at Summaflor. We offer consistent quality and live up to what we say. Customer satisfaction is paramount. And fun is our driving force. By moving fast, we capitalise on the optimum moment in the market and so find the best deal for all parties. These are the foundations for building sustainable partnerships. Do you want to become one of them?

We are passionate about
customer service


Category Management for flower and plant displays

Under this, we organise your flower and plant display. Together, we optimise the design of the shelving by considering the range, price and location of the assortment, because having a display and presentation plan increases your commercial return. And then Summaflor provides training and support to your store staff so that they can organise and care for the display themselves.

Product design

Again working together, we develop innovative products such as wild-flower or mixed-bunch bouquets, and offer customised concepts based on consumer data and trends. Our Product Development & Business Development team thinks with you about everything from the technical processing side to the latest flower and plant trends in your region or regions, or across your stores.


Whether you are a retailer or a consumer, our E-tail solutions make flowers and plants easy to purchase. We offer various solutions, from retailer purchasing platforms and electronic data interchange links (EDI), to a web shop or an E-tail platform that sells directly to the consumer. Whatever works best for you.

Bouqet Making

Under this unusual concept, your customers can watch a bouquet-maker create beautiful arrangements in your supermarket. Perfect for important sales days. We help you find qualified bouquet-makers and supply special flowers to each store.

Reliability and customer statisfaction are paramount


Flowers – loose stems

Our extensive flower assortment features higher quality stems than standard. These flowers not only provide the perfect basis for your bouquets, they are also beautiful on their own, with the addition of just a bit of greenery. We also deliver flowers in buckets for in-store sale.



We are a multilevel retail partner covering everything from discounter to flower shop chain. All our bouquets ship in a protective sleeve with a barcode label, day code and QR code.

Plants – indoor / outdoor

Did you know we can also supply plants? We have a large assortment, so that whether you want a few individual plants or large volumes, we can deliver both. It is also possible to make long-term supply agreements with our growers. And because we follow the latest trends closely, we always have a suitable product and can offer an excellent spot-price deal.


Think here of decorative materials in the broadest sense, such as plant arrangements, vases and original gift packaging and wrapping. Being part of Floral Trade Group, we offer a complete solution comprising flowers, plants and decorations.

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